Last kiss eternal

In your devices I am trusted,
For the love that was given,
Kindness that was taught,
Compassion I saw in your eyes,
Through the scars that time wrote.

Though it was not said,
No tear uttered nor a moan lost,
I assumed the pain taken,
That resided deep inside.
But your heart never turned a shade,
As it was ever glowing,
You showed us what it meant,
To not take what life was given,
But rather live it as if it is your own.

Now I stand, bit alone and scared,
Thinking of the time we spent,
By your side I sit still,
Yet you are gone.

I do not know,
Where this life might take me,
Or if I will take it by the throat,
One thing is now certain,
Your love embedded,
In my heart still it beats,
I still cry as I did,
By your side in deep.

Moments I will share,
The time we had to see,
I regret nothing,
Except not saying I love you,
one more time,
how much you mean to me.

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