The eyes of fate

I feared what my life would be,
I dreamt in all the vast possibilities.
In others is saw my death,
In some I witnessed my endless breath.
In one I smiled like none other,
To most I was just a bother.

No more do I look inside,
The endless hole of my demise,
Throught the dreams I once leapt
All I saw was my regret.

Even now wide awake,
I hope my life is mine to take,
To lady fate I bow down without contempt,
But my luck is my own to make.

Bad hand of destiny

In front of the mirror,
The image stares at my eyes,
The look I don’t recognise,
Baring a stranger’s note.

What did he do,
To deserve such scars,
Where did our paths divide,
Where did our destiny go,
That after a night long,
He cries in my arms,
The beating heart of sorrow.

Fate, such a strange thing,
A deck of cards unknown,
Shuffled by a strange hand,
Are we delt what we deserve?

As I hold my own bleeding heart,
I comfort the pain well known,
After all this time,
No matter the thorn of the Road,
I whisper the hope of a better tomorrow.

Born with the eyes of sorrow

Born with the feeling of dread,
Fear is the color of my eyes,
Denied the sweet embrace of love,
I only felt content and despise.

The lonesome thought,
Grasped my mind,
That happiness is a gift,
Not all men can oblige.

Sorrow was my day,
Dawn that never forgave,
The mistakes made,
Wretched steps of the past.

But now, I listen to the night,
It’s sweet whisper that it carries,
I might have been wrong,
As hope still resides.

Will I embrace the new dawn,
Or will my soul kneel,
I do not know,
But one thing is real.
A flame the sun brings,
One I once had,
A fire that the new day,
Might consume my wretched dark.

New dawn of life

For a time I was lost,
For a place I mourn the most,
Where the soul meets my mind,
Where I knew love to find.

For a second I had doubt,
I held my mind, shamed, never proud,
Broken I saw the cracks,
Under my fingers I felt the marks.

Now, I stand alone,
Afraid with the world to atone,
Sins heavy and no time to rest,
I have to put my words to a test.

Redemption never comes too cheap,
Doubt will never stop to creep,
In my world I might be alone,
In my final hour, I might now know,
For every life there is a chance,
For every sinner a new hope to advance.

Broken mask of my thoughts

For who do I carry my broken mask?
Piece by piece I put it back,
As it crumbles on my twisted mind,
They don’t see my tears I hide,
Why show something that they mock?

Alone, I take it away,
Staring at the face,
That looks back in the broken glass,
I see a stranger crying down.
Laughing through the tears,
I kneel down for my fears,
Begging for the light to find,
For someone to help,
With the burden unconfined.

But I stop the dark creeping in,
I hold my soul deep within,
Deep inside it still exists,
My hope, my love,
The strength to give.

The world turns,
Cares for none,
I will wait,
For a new dawn to come.

Cursed kiss of love

How is love perceived?
A moment, a fraction of time,
A split second that hurts eternal,
A wither that haunts the distant thoughts,
That wish to escape.

Is love the great mistress of life,
Or the eternal pain reminded,
A split second that lasts forever,
Left to the pendulum swing
Will our soul ache or suffer.

Is love merely hope,
Hiding behind the broken mask of wishes,
Making the human mind, feeble and withering,
To grasp on the cloth that slips away.

Falling, down the chasm of our own making,
We are left to wonder,
Was it all for nothing,
The memory of pain,
The bright glimpse of a kiss,
Which of the two embeds in our mind deeper?

Spare the last thought

As a feather lite,
My heart stands alone,
The scales bound,
I can not control.

What was done has come to pass,
What the future brings, the sight crass,
I can not say, to my eyes it surpass,
A mere feeble letter not yet written.

And what it may come,
However my heart is judged,
When the last string of it is strung,
Know that I loved,
I laughed a bit even shunned.

Now in the hour of need,
I sit alone questioning my own creed.
The meaning of life I yet do not know,
I lived it far too little for it to show,
The secrets it held, it kept to itself,
All that it left,
Is a broken man with a broken heart,
With mind weary and his head hung,
One lone soul, with a heart of many,
Abandoned alone with regrets plenty.

The city of hope

Patience, the virtue lost,
Sterility of the soul,
Weights heavy on the broken head.

On the eyes that witness,
The joy I can not possess.
As anger proves the hunger,
The fertile fire that roars,
My mind remains blinded,
By the future that was lost.

Fear as a state of mind,
Ruins the hope of many,
As the ember of rage sparks
The wet day of tears.
There, without a cloud in the sky,
My face is rushed with water,
In the sorrow of the reminded failure.

In the city of dusk,
Where our dreams perish and wither,
Possibility of a better tomorrow does not exist.
Welcome one, Welcome all,
To the hell of your own making.
Read the sign, as you walk the door,
Here your dreams lie, here hope is no more.

You asked me do I miss you

You asked, do I miss you?

With every waking hour
My thoughts collide
Painting the misery
In which my heart burns
Being away from yours.

You asked, do I miss you?

How can the feeling of sorrow,
The inability of my hands holding
Thay face I dream,
Describe the heartbreak that haunts my being.

You asked, do I miss you?

I do.
And even if my pain closes the eyes
That so wishfully desires to kiss your shivering lips,
Even be it one last time.
I do.

I miss the smell your leave on the pillow of my waking hour,
I miss our hearts,
The song of unity.

I miss you.
For you take the pain that I gave,
For you clear the path that remains hidden.
I miss you.
Your smile that holds the breaking dawn,
Your laugh that makes my soul grow,
Your embrace that fills the hollow halls.

I miss you.

A dream of peace

Here, sleepless I dream.
Wide awake my eyes stay shut
To the pain I seek.

I must admit,
There was love once in my heart,
But I fear what I don’t know,
As it seemed to seep out.

Always, I come around,
To my old lover’s embrace,
Fear and dark thought that roam my mind,
These friends who never seem amazed.

But if it happens,
If I suddenly pry my eyes open,
Remember I once wished
My heart awoken.

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