Crossroad of life

Through darkness my soul wanders,

searching for meaning,

searching for the remnants of past times,

to remember when the heart was whole,

so once again for a brief moment it can taste the sweetness of peace,

remembrance of love and care,

but in vain.

As all withers so does my soul,

so does my peace,

now only chaos and discomfort fill the gaping hole that life left behind.

And I am left to wonder…

Did the meaning of it pass next to me with the passage of time,

as I know,

the world waits for no man,

as it couldn’t care less for petty problems of feeble life.

Now left on the crossroads of life,

I feel I reached my bitter end,

as dark thoughts as my only companion remain.

Hope vanished, but yet remains,

a fool of a man,

on the crossroads of life,

waiting for a better day…

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