Forgotten image of love

Fearing that the night might end,
I close my eyes tight,
Hands over head,
I beg to see the last light.

As the dark crosses my mind,
The one last curtain that remains,
I freeze my sight,
To the only thing that obeys.

The image of the warm fire,
One I felt so long ago,
The eternal love of desire,
That made my life feel like a whole.

But now only the dark remains,
Hidden secret of the untruthful mist,
In ones desire,
I yearn for the lost kiss.

Foolish meaning of light

Through pain our life we give meaning,
With love we take the cause,
In silence we wait for the hope unbound,
That some will bring us home.

Wonder long on the path of the righteous,
I wonder what will you find,
Is our higher sense of purpose,
Waiting beyond those dark clouds?

For it to awaken,
Our hearts and minds need to be alike,
Searching for a meaning,
In the thick dust where the love resides.

I am no expert,
And no sage that will bluff,
What I gathered so far,
Is close your eyes and hope the ground below
Is not bound to scar.

Spare the last thought

As a feather lite,
My heart stands alone,
The scales bound,
I can not control.

What was done has come to pass,
What the future brings, the sight crass,
I can not say, to my eyes it surpass,
A mere feeble letter not yet written.

And what it may come,
However my heart is judged,
When the last string of it is strung,
Know that I loved,
I laughed a bit even shunned.

Now in the hour of need,
I sit alone questioning my own creed.
The meaning of life I yet do not know,
I lived it far too little for it to show,
The secrets it held, it kept to itself,
All that it left,
Is a broken man with a broken heart,
With mind weary and his head hung,
One lone soul, with a heart of many,
Abandoned alone with regrets plenty.

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