Spare the last thought

As a feather lite,
My heart stands alone,
The scales bound,
I can not control.

What was done has come to pass,
What the future brings, the sight crass,
I can not say, to my eyes it surpass,
A mere feeble letter not yet written.

And what it may come,
However my heart is judged,
When the last string of it is strung,
Know that I loved,
I laughed a bit even shunned.

Now in the hour of need,
I sit alone questioning my own creed.
The meaning of life I yet do not know,
I lived it far too little for it to show,
The secrets it held, it kept to itself,
All that it left,
Is a broken man with a broken heart,
With mind weary and his head hung,
One lone soul, with a heart of many,
Abandoned alone with regrets plenty.

The city of hope

Patience, the virtue lost,
Sterility of the soul,
Weights heavy on the broken head.

On the eyes that witness,
The joy I can not possess.
As anger proves the hunger,
The fertile fire that roars,
My mind remains blinded,
By the future that was lost.

Fear as a state of mind,
Ruins the hope of many,
As the ember of rage sparks
The wet day of tears.
There, without a cloud in the sky,
My face is rushed with water,
In the sorrow of the reminded failure.

In the city of dusk,
Where our dreams perish and wither,
Possibility of a better tomorrow does not exist.
Welcome one, Welcome all,
To the hell of your own making.
Read the sign, as you walk the door,
Here your dreams lie, here hope is no more.

You asked me do I miss you

You asked, do I miss you?

With every waking hour
My thoughts collide
Painting the misery
In which my heart burns
Being away from yours.

You asked, do I miss you?

How can the feeling of sorrow,
The inability of my hands holding
Thay face I dream,
Describe the heartbreak that haunts my being.

You asked, do I miss you?

I do.
And even if my pain closes the eyes
That so wishfully desires to kiss your shivering lips,
Even be it one last time.
I do.

I miss the smell your leave on the pillow of my waking hour,
I miss our hearts,
The song of unity.

I miss you.
For you take the pain that I gave,
For you clear the path that remains hidden.
I miss you.
Your smile that holds the breaking dawn,
Your laugh that makes my soul grow,
Your embrace that fills the hollow halls.

I miss you.

A dream of peace

Here, sleepless I dream.
Wide awake my eyes stay shut
To the pain I seek.

I must admit,
There was love once in my heart,
But I fear what I don’t know,
As it seemed to seep out.

Always, I come around,
To my old lover’s embrace,
Fear and dark thought that roam my mind,
These friends who never seem amazed.

But if it happens,
If I suddenly pry my eyes open,
Remember I once wished
My heart awoken.

Unfathomable peace of mind

Fear not, as doubt the mind crosses,
The envy that eats the bravery of the soul,
As strength seeps through even from the lonely mind.

It is not our heart’s desire,
To break free,
The cursed shackles of the world.
The thing our soul wishes,
Is even further out of reach.

Imaginary it seems,
With a sea of turmoil that rocks our core,
Running around the withered beach,
Our thoughts desire the thing they can not have,
Crying, weeping for the night of ease.

Lonely is the life,
Of those cursed with knowledge of living,
As death becomes an old friend to greet.

Silence of the night

A beautiful soul lies awoken,
Brought by the sound of tears,
In the silence of the night,
There is nothing that remains hidden.

Broken heart and a drunken mind,
From every crevice of the sunken spirit,
My demons come awry,
Tired of my heart’s desire.

Even the voices in my head,
Weary of the hope I yearn,
At the end of the long road,
Even they had let me go.

In the eternal silence that it reigns,
Old questions come alive,
Even now after all,
At the end of my path,
No answers I offer in return.

Basking in the darkness of the moon,
I await the sun to rise,
Hoping my thoughts will find,
A better man in another turn.

The beating heart of failure

Love is a poison,
Well intentioned it burnes my blood,
The black lone heart that beats for that sound.
With each passing thought,
I witness the quiver of her lips,
Singing my name in vain.
A burden of wanting,
The unrelenting shame,
Knowing I am needed,
Well aware
My dying fame.

Sick and twisted,
I am down in the pool of my own thoughts,
Broken and restless,
Beyond salvation I must,
Rise and burrow,
To honor the words given,
But how can I explain,
To her loving eyes,
That contempt holds me,
The darkness of thought,
Beyond her given grace,
I am fighting my own demons,
Against the wishes,
The yearning of her embrace.

Broken crown of sins

Solid thoughts and heart of might

My mind is free but not tonight

Running rapid, on its course,

I battle with my pain and remorse.

Unity of body and soul,

My heart seeks what it can’t hold,

Peace of inner self,

I try to grasp it but without revel,

I cry my soul in vain.

I watch the tears run by,

Holding back my heart’s cry,

To show it what it means,

To live by the wishes of the dreams.

Even if its out of reach,

Even if the will of dark may my mind breach,

I can not stop, I can not give up,

My will in shambles must not drop,

From the crumbling mind,

Broken crown that stands,

A title of sinner,

Mere mistakes of a beginner.

My last remembrance

Am I going to be remembered?
By whom I do wonder?
When my heart cease to beat,
To what question will they ponder?

Will I be remembered by the good deeds I’ve done?
Or has my life gone to sonder?
Merely a stranger passing by.
Will they forget my face, hold the bad things done,
I wonder.

Perhaps a tear will be shed,
Maybe even a few,
I can’t help but wonder,
Will you cry too?

Perhaps I’ve been a light in some hearts,
Perhaps a dark flame too,
But did I burn you or warm the soul inside,
There is one thing, a last wish I beg of you.

No matter what was done,
No matter how I lived,
The laughs there were ton,
Tears flew so many, left my face skived.
I ask you now,
Sharing the wisdom one I found,
The secret of life, simple,

No matter other people and their ploy,
In small things you must find joy.

Lullaby of the dark

A withered noose around my neck,
It hangs and twists,
Yet it won’t break.
I see my love,
Hanging by the wind,
The darkness comes,
From within.

I must have closed my eyes so tight,
As in the storm,
Something creeps tonight.
A thousand voices, with no faces,
They come and go,
From the darkest places.

My heart now sings, my soul lies dry,
The day has passed,
Now night here is to cry.
Shush, be silent into the night,
No one will hear your cries so birght.

On the noose it hangs so deep,
My love, my hope and my belief.
In the darkness, under the tree,
Look around, can’t you see?
Your sins have come to pay respect,
No one mourns the life your wrecked.

In the silence a withered noose,
Fate is sealed yours to lose.
Hundred eyes now watch you close,
Can’t you feel the look that it froze?

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