Hopes of dawn

Doubt casts deep shadows over my mind and yet hope finds her way down my wretched heart. Here I stand again, in front of you all, same man I was from before, with hopes of forgiveness, I bend my knee, afraid to look, the eyes that see.

My heart stands not, for those piercing sounds, that it might find when it looks up above, the judgment day is upon, I do not know who will come.

Will I face the mass again, or a single soul my end shall attend? If fall without a tear, is it the image you shall persevere? Of a broken man, a shattered soul? Or was I maybe more?

The dawn comes, but not for all, some of us must pay the toll, but same as you, we stare, in the distance as it came, the dark that the night brings, shines brighter then the heart within.


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