Announcement: “Countdown to the Road”

I know I know, I promised the new P.O.W and it’s coming I swear. On Sunday you are getting a new and “profound” view of life’s given problems, in a different format then what it usually is. What am I talking about? Well in the upcoming week, I will introduce something I call “The countdown to the Road”.

As some of you may know, my first book let’s call it (as it is really my first written book) is coming out next week. That’s right “The Lonesome Road” is out on May 24th. 4 days to go my friends. So every day for the next few days, counting on the release date and beyond, I will be releasing content about my book daily. Boring you might say? No my friend, on the contrary. There is still so much I’ve got to reveal about the book, so many hidden meanings, the reason why it came to be, the journey taken and so on…

Trust me when I say, it fits perfectly with the ongoing series that is the Process of writing. And there will be more. On Saturday I will announce a giveaway, you the few who are willing, will be getting few copies of the book to enjoy.

So the schedule is as follows:

-Today, Friday the 20th you get the announcement of the so called “Countdown to the Road”, with yours truly blabbering about it

-Saturday 21st, the giveaway, few lucky people will get the copy of my upcoming novel “The Lonesome Road ” (the giveaway will be on my Twitter links are below or just click the Twitter icon on the main page of The Word Den) 3 one here on ig in twitter

My Twitter:

-Sunday 22nd, The new Process of Writing segment is coming out, talking about some issues I touch on in “The Lonesome Road”

As some of you know it is a dystopian fantasy novel, fill with thrills, adventure and all sorts of twists and turns. But it also speaks about some important issues which are used as a catalyst to push our protagonist down the path he takes, such as depression, loneliness and fighting against the world who judges far too quickly for mere entertainment. Being May, the mental health awareness month, I feel driven more than usual to talk about such things.

-Monday the 23rd, I will share few quotes and what not from the book, giving you a sneak peak to what you might expect in “The Lonesome Road”

I will as well answer all questions posted here on the Word Den, my Twitter and Instagram. So if you want to know anything about the book or just want to say hi, please do so, I cherish any opportunity to connect with you guys. I am excited and nervous for that, so be on the lookout!

-Tuesday the 24th, book release day, what to say but that we are going to celebrate the novel that started this journey,  my journey. I am happy, no matter the doubt I have constantly, that I decided to sit down every day, put my emotions into these pages, creating a good story with big issues residing behind it. This book is so much more then the inciting tale that stands before you and I am happy to share it with you all.

The next few days after the release I will

post different content, daily for all to enjoy!

This is big. For any writer, but for me I feel so overwhelmed. For so long I felt like nothing, as if I didn’t have purpose other the fail. But now, I belong. With so many like minded individuals who I have an honour calling my fellow writers. It’s been a journey, a long and dark one and I am here to stay. A special thanks to all who gave me the kind words that pushed me forward,  my publisher 5310publishing, be sure to check them, their links will be below.

And now, let’s start this journey!

“The Lonesome Road” is out on the 24th of May 2022. But for those eager to get it a bit earlier you can preorder it from the 5310publishing site :

For more information follow and check out 5310 Publishing:

5310 Publishing website:

5310 Publishing Twitter:

5310 Publishing Instagram:

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