“The Lonesome Road” coming out 24th of May

Only 30 days left. I can’t believe it. It still feels like a dream with me shaking, just waiting to wake up. But no, my book which I invested lot of effort, time and heart is coming for all to see. And I am frankly proud and scared. I got to admit, I try not to be overwhelmed by people’s opinions, but there is a certain feeling of standing naked in front of the world that comes to mind as everyone and all will have the chance to read the words I put on paper. It will be there for all to see, for all to judge and hopefully for some to praise. I know I am still new to the game, I still have lot to learn and I am willing and ready to do so. I stand here, in high hope this is just the start of the journey I was ment to travel.

What is “The Lonesome Road” about?

I will try to lure you into the story so you get invested, without spoiling much.
Earth became a wasteland, stripped of all life. Broken, confused, and in a desperate search for answers, one person still roams its desolate remains.

The Wanderer has no memories, no recollection of the events that led to the end of the world. All he sees are deserted buildings and the smoke that covers the sun. While taking shelter in an abandoned house one night, the last man on Earth gets a knock on the door. He finds an unexpected guide in a woman who feels familiar.

Will he choose to keep traversing these lands, lost as before, or will he take her guidance to find the answers his heart so deeply desires? Are we truly free, or is destiny pulling the strings of our life choices?

This book is hard to pinpoint for me. When presented with the usual question from my friends “What’s the book about?” I stop and pause for a second. As it is hard to explain. Yes, this could be considered a dystopian future / post apocalyptic novel, a fantasy where our hero is put in a place that is in ruins, yet it feels so familiar, like a dream once seen. Yes, it speaks of mystery, suspense, filled with all sorts of twists and turns you would not expect and will be left shocked by. As much as it is a tale of a man wondering the barren Earth, seeking for the answers to what happened, fighting the evil that resides in the shadows of the world, it is as well a tale of destiny, human life and purpose, as the whole story serves as a grand metaphor for one’s struggle with depression and dark thoughts.

I was in a bad place when I wrote this book. And it’s safe to say this book saved me. It is my way of paying it back, telling all who feel like I do that they are not alone, they don’t have to be. This book belongs to those who feel lost, to those who are oppressed by the burden of their own mind, this is for you who seek reason, wishing for answers. This is for all the adventures, who dare to think there is more to this world then meets the eye. There is something for everyone in this piece, as I wrote it in hopes some would find comfort, some would find understanding and some perhaps thrill.

My final thought

“The Lonesome Road” coming out 24th of May, available for preorder now!

I still stand scared and petrified. As an author I reckon all face the pondering question will anyone like it, perhaps they all hate it, maybe I am not ment for it. We all are our own worse critic. And I still am learning, about this trade, about life and myself. All I can say, I am honored and privileged to stand amongst you great people, share the same stage as an author. And I know some will find a piece of themselves in this book and I hope it brings you comfort or satisfaction. Lot of work went into this, as it is weird to see a part of my soul in a book, it is that, part of my heart, for all of you, in hopes you like it.

I want to say a special thanks to 5310publishing, for putting up with me, patiently guiding me through as a newbie in this world I am eternally grateful for the chance to give this book to the people, I am thankful for all the advices and guidance. This wouldn’t be possible without them and I raise my glass to their good hearts.

“The Lonesome Road” is out on the 24th of May 2022. But for those eager to get it a bit earlier you can preorder it from the 5310publishing site :

For more information follow and check out 5310 Publishing:

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