You asked me do I miss you

You asked, do I miss you?

With every waking hour
My thoughts collide
Painting the misery
In which my heart burns
Being away from yours.

You asked, do I miss you?

How can the feeling of sorrow,
The inability of my hands holding
Thay face I dream,
Describe the heartbreak that haunts my being.

You asked, do I miss you?

I do.
And even if my pain closes the eyes
That so wishfully desires to kiss your shivering lips,
Even be it one last time.
I do.

I miss the smell your leave on the pillow of my waking hour,
I miss our hearts,
The song of unity.

I miss you.
For you take the pain that I gave,
For you clear the path that remains hidden.
I miss you.
Your smile that holds the breaking dawn,
Your laugh that makes my soul grow,
Your embrace that fills the hollow halls.

I miss you.

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