“Last Viking of Norway”, out tomorrow on Amazon

Just one day left and I am excited, nervous and fighting the lack of sleep. I know perhaps it might not be well received, I keep thinking perhaps no one will even read it, and the few ones that do will hate it. So to everyone who had crossed this path before, you know all too well the fear and doubt that comes crawling in behind your mind, making you wonder why even publish? Even faced with that serious question and even more severe doubt, I fondly remember an advice I got not so long ago from a fellow author. With everyone getting published, some not even being satisfying, you have to ask yourself in that moment of a doubt, why not me? Even if you fail, it is the experience and practice that makes you perfect, and transfer that whole experience into your next manuscript, and you will only keep getting better. You can’t please all, but at least be pleased by yourself and with what you have achieved.

In advance, I would like to thank you all. For your support, your advices, for everything. I am only starting to embark into this world, but I have more to offer, more to do, and I feel inspired to keep on going. And even if most or some don’t enjoy what I wrote, I know I am proud of my first book.

I will bring you a story about honor, about legends and myths that are lost to most in this modern world, but still there are some who cling to them, preserving and honoring the stories told. Stories of heroes, wars and monsters. There are still people who hold honor dear, wanting to maintain its true virtues. But corruption of greed and power can make the strongest of us turn on our friends, brothers and neighbors. If you had an opportunity to redeem those you call brothers, would you take it? Even if it would mean your end? Are there still people who value the life of the collective over their own? Or perhaps like the myths of the old, those are things of the past?

The hardest war we can fight in is the one inside of our own soul, mind. Where our heart is filled with sorrow, rage and anger, pulling to one side, it will make us stand at a crossroad, making us decide. Do we fight for our own gain? Or we understand there are thing bigger then our self? Do we transcend over that greed or we sink further down, accepting it?

“The inner wars, and the outer ones, go on while I pray and struggle; sometimes in the middle of a dark night of the soul I wonder how they became my wars to fight. And then I hear a voice that says, “Why not me?” ― Judy Collins, Sweet Judy Blue Eyes: My Life in Music

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